Harbin Ice Festival Travel Tips

The Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, commonly known as Harbin Ice Festival, mainly consist of four theme parks: Harbin Ice and Snow World, Sun Island International Ice and Snow Sculpture Art Expo, Harbin Ice Lantern Show, and Songhua River Ice and Snow Happy Valley. Being a tourist brand name of Harbin, the capital and largest city of Heilongjiang province, People’s Republic of China, the festival draws millions of tourists every winter.

Locations of the Theme Parks

1. Harbin Ice and Snow World Location
West side of Sun Island, Songbei District, Harbin (near Heilongjiang Science and Technology Museum)

2. Ice Lantern Fair Location
The fair is located in Zhaolin Park, at the northern end of Zhaolin Street in Daoli District. The address is No. 74 Friendship Road (Youyi Lu), Daoli District, Harbin

3. Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Are Expo Location
No.3 Jingbei Road, Sun Island Scenic Area, Songbei District, Harbin

4. Songhua River Ice and Snow Happy Valley Location
On Songhua River (near the Flood Control Monument and Tongjiang Street)

Best Time to Visit
The festival officially starts on Jan 5 and ends at Feb. 25 every year. If go to Harbin for the festival, try to avoid the weekends and Chinese New Year if possible.

Things to do
You can find many things to do during Harbin Ice Festival, including watch ice/snow sculptures and buildings, ice lanterns, winter swimming performance, go skiing/snowboarding, dog/horse sledding, ice spinning, and ice sailing, experience ice restaurants and ice bars, or have a safari-style Siberian tigers watching trip etc.

What to wear in Harbin Ice Festival
1. Belt /Pants /Socks /Underwear

2. Sweater/Gloves/Winter Hat/Winter Jacket/ Scarves

3. Silk or other long underpants, t-shirts or camisoles for carrying money and important documents

4. Fanny Pack/Purse /Money Belt /Wallet

5. Security pouch for valuable documents

How to get there
The best way to get to Harbin is by air via some China’s major cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjing, Nanjing and Guangzhou.

Where to ski in Harbin
Harbin and its surrounding areas have many ski resorts with excellent facilities. Tourists can go skiing in these places: Yabuli Ski Resort, Longzhu Erlongshan Ski Resort, Yabuli Sunshine Holiday Village Ski Resort, Harbin Institute Of Physical Education Skifield, Jihua Changshou Mountain Ski
Resort, Yawangsi Ski Resort, Huatian Wumiji Ski Resort, Pingshan Shenlu Ski Resort, Mingdu Ski Field, Fanqi Shangjing International Ski Resort, Window Of Eurasian Ski Field, Harbin Moon Bay Ski Field, Ice And Snow World Ski Field, Yuquan International Hunting Ground Ski Resort, Weihu Mountain National Forest Park Ski Resort, Xudong Lantian Ski Resort.

Suggested 3-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour

Day 1 Arrival in Harbin
Upon arrival at Harbin airport, you are met and transferred to the hotel (check in if room available). Free at leisure for the rest of the day.

Day 2 Harbin
Today we will start tour to visit the largest Orthodox Church in the Far East – St. Sofia Church. And then free walk through the Central Street. On the streets, you can find some facts about Harbin’s history and culture. Continue tour to visit the Sun Island Park, where the Sun Island Snow Sculpture Art Expo is held every winter and you can see various awesome snow sculptures featuring different cultures. Later transfer to the Siberian Tiger Park, where we’re caged in a specially protected bus to see the tigers and lions. In the afternoon, transfer to visit the highlights of the Harbin Ice Festival – Ice and Snow World Park where you stroll through this winter wonderland, marvel at the magnificent exquisitely-detailed, gigantic ice sculptures. View fabulous creations of notable buildings and monuments of different architectural types and styles, figures of animals, people, mythical creatures, ice slides and lanterns. When evening sets in, multicolored lights illuminate the sculptures, creating a breathtaking display of these icy works of art.

Day 3 Depart Harbin
In the morning, visit the Stalin Park. The park stands as evidence of the friendship between the world’s two most powerful communist countries at that time. At the center of Stalin Park stands the Flood Control Monument built to commemorate the tremendous feat of the Harbin people in controlling the massive flood of 1957. You will watch winter swimming performance on Songhua River. And you may choose to take part in some ice activities with own expense, such as ice sloping, dog-sled (about RMB30/pp, US$5 per time), etc. After that, transfer to the airport for the flight back to your sweet home.

Travel website – ways of promoting your travel business

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Travelling is hobby which almost every individual like but many time we all have to face bad experience about a trip because it turned chaotic because we do not plan it properly. Every traveler has gone through this situation and this is very hectic stuation.Question is why it happens and the answer is due to lack of proper planning, so how to plan trip before visiting any destination. The answer is Travel Website so Travel Agents and Agencies if you want to increase your travel business and revenue then don’t waste time and designs your own complete website.

10 Travel Tips for Seniors

With people living longer and healthier lives, more seniors than ever are travelling and seeing the world. This enriches both the sojourner and the fortunate countries receiving a more mature and affluent tourist—one who can more fully appreciate what the destination has to offer. There are, however, a few things for the senior vacationer to consider. Following, are 10 travel trips for seniors:
1. Take Advantage of Senior Discounts

You have lived a long time, worked hard, and contributed to society. Many times the public will actually try and reward you for this. For instance, in the United States the National Parks offer a discount to senior citizens. Before you go to a museum, park, or elsewhere, check to see if there is a senior discount offered. This will help you save money on travel, and allow you to treat yourself in other ways.

2. If You Have Health or Mobility Issues, Consider A Younger Travelling Companion

One of the unfortunate things that can happen with aging is the decline in mobility; this, however, does not need to stop you from seeing the world! If mobility is an issue for you, and you are single, consider a younger travelling companion. There are many younger people longing to see more of the world, and let’s face it, it’s normally the crowd over 50 who has more cash. Consider offering to pay for most of your companion’s way in exchange for her help. Be sure, however, to make the terms of your companion’s responsibilitiesclear. For instance, you may require that your companion help you to and from museums, restaurants, etc. Are you comfortable being alone, or would you like your companion with you at all times?Are there certain hours in the day which you would like your companion to be available? (Young people often like to stay up late, and may wake up late). Define these terms before the journey. If you don’t have a trusted child, grandchild, or friend with whom you feel comfortable, get a referral from someone. The chances are that the younger person will be thrilled, and it will be a mutually beneficial relationship and experience.

3. Travel to Your Destinations Slightly Off-Season

One of the enviable things about being retired or on a pension is that you no longer have to “punch a timeclock.” You can come and go much more easily when you please. Why not beat the crowds, and travel somewhere slightly off-season? For instance, travel to the Greek Islands in September rather than mid-summer when most of the tourists are there. Most people over 50 want a more relaxed journey and don’t care as much about the “see and be seen” mentality during peak season (one of the advantages of maturity). Rates are usually lower slightly off-season, and it’s a great way to cut costs.

4. Enjoy Senior Rewards – You Have Earned It!

Most younger folk have respect for the older crowd, and want to show that respect in various ways. For instance, a young man may offer that you take the first cab coming down the street. Thank him warmly, and then take the cab! You have paid your dues to society by working hard, and contributing to the overall good. If an airline employee or someone else offers you the option of going to the front of the line, go, and don’t feel guilty about it. You have taken your turn at waiting in line like everyone else for years.

5. Look at Travel Options of Over 50s Only

Are you looking for more luxurious and exclusive travel options? Why not consider an over 50s only home swap through IVHE. You can swap your home or vacation home with a more mature crowd. This is a great opportunity and can help you save money. Find out more about luxury home exchange options.

6. Be Spontaneous – You Are Not as Tied to A Schedule

Even if you’re normally a very regimented person, why not consider travelling spontaneously? Surprise someone you love with an impromptu getaway. Interestingly, creating a spur-of-the-moment travel adventure can actually save you money, in some cases up to 50% off your accommodations.

7. Consider a Luxury Home Exchange Option

Remember when six persons sharing a hotel room seemed like fun? If you’re like most people, this was probably when you were young. As we mature, so does our need for more space and finer accommodations. A luxury home exchange option with IVHE.com is a great way to give you and your loved ones the space and amenities you have grown to expect; additionally, it lets you use one of your biggest assets, your home or your vacation home to your advantage.

8. Invest in Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can cover the cost of everything from an unused airline ticket to medical services while traveling. The good news is that seniors can more easily afford to pay for travel insurance; the bad news is that they are more likely to need it due to underlying health conditions. Not only are the elderly more likely not to be able to leave on holiday because of ailments, but seniors take longer to recover once injured or sick. If you are hurtor ill on vacation, make sure that you call your travel insurance company to file a claim and ask them to define what will and will not be covered. And remember, you can appeal a decision with a travel insurance company just like a regular health insurance company.

9. Call the Airline In Advance If You Have Special Needs

The airline industry is well-acquainted with travelers who have special needs. Make sure you call ahead well in advance of your travel date, and call again close to your travel date to confirm wheelchair use or other special requests. If an employee assigned to help you does an especially good job of taking care of you, don’t forget to tip; this encourages good service in the future, and will help to make the journey of others with distinctive needs more pleasant.

10. Fly First Class On An Overseas Flight If You Can

We all know how much more expensive a first-class ticket is, but the older you are, the more you should consider giving yourself this gift. Most of us have been in coach and longed for a chance to stretch out our legs and lie flat. Many airlines now offer beds during overseas flights, and the difference is astounding! Not only can you arrive at your destination less jetlagged, but it is simply easier on your body. But whether you are flying coach or first class, make sure you get up to stretch your legs! According to the American Society of Hematology, seniors are more likely to develop a blood clot during flight ; getting up and walking around can help to alleviate this risk.

While there are factors for seniors to consider when travelling, don’t let it stop you. The blessings of a pleasant journey are hard to quantify, and will engender many happy memories. Enjoy your golden years and bon voyage!

Tips for a Perfect Sightseeing Tour

In order to have memorable and wonderful tour it is always important to plan the tour in advance. It is only through proper planning that will help in wasting of time and one can see the maximum place while touring. Otherwise it will lead to confusion and unnecessary tension. For tours are meant for reducing tension and enjoying the days. After spending so much money and time if the tour is not worth then it is great loss. In order to ensure to have perfect sightseeing where one can enjoy and know the place more closely basic tips should be ensured. Tour without proper sightseeing is of no use. For that Hotel where one resides should be good. Location and quality of your hotel is one of the most important aspects. Hotel should be situated near market place and all the place of visit. Even the hotel should provide proper transport for visiting far distance sightseeing.

The accommodation should be clean and attractive. After whole day of visiting the place one needs proper rest along with proper meal. Hotel should be mastered the art of handling group check-ins and baggage speedily, preparing tasty and wholesome meals, and balancing the need for efficiency with the desire of each traveler to receive individual attention. It should provide meals and snacks in time. Without wasting time for sightseeing it should provide all the facilities. There should be proper and knowledgeable tour director or guide should escort. One who can explain the entire city nicely?

Sometimes sightseeing tours includes extra packages for the tourists. So before going into such package proper information should be gathered. They are generally meat for outside city, so the cost of package time included and mode of transportation. Luggage should always be less while visiting. Too much luggage can hamper the tour. It is not easy to carry things all around. Try to keep all expensive things with yourself. On an Insight Vacation, some gratuities are included in the price of trip: baggage handling, meal service for all meals listed in the tour itinerary, and hotel service charge. Room service, however, is not included in the tour price should be made first. Tipping is a customary way of acknowledging service should be done in order to provide toke of thanks.

All the tickets for the sightseeing should be booked in advance. Along with proper coach which is spacious and luxurious. The coach booked should be like that the pick and drop should be made from hotel itself. The number of people visiting the sightseeing should be less. For too many people can spoil the party. Small group better one can enjoy. The number of things to visit on everyday should be ensured in advance. Equal time should be devoted for all sightseeing. Otherwise chances are there that one had to skip something. Always carry water along with some light snacks while going for sightseeing. And the most important is that never to go away from group. One should have hotel phone number and address if they are lost. Sightseeing is meant for relaxing. So without any hustle one should visit the place with proper peace of mind.

Best travel tips

There is no doubt that India is an exciting place to visit. It is one of the most visited countries of the world. India has a lot to offer to tourists. Activities include, tiger trekking, mountain climbing, water sports, trying various Indian foods and historical site seeing. However there are certain dangers for the first time traveller.

The first time visitor to India can be overwhelmed as soon as they step out of the airport. The first thing they encounter is the heat and the overcrowding which may seem frightening. Although, India may seem crowded and hot but there are certain tips one can follow to have a great stay in India.

Here are some tips when travelling in India;

Stay safe. India has a lot of people of over 1.21 billion. It is easy to be pick-pocketed, scammed and run over by speeding vehicles. Traffic rules are not obeyed by drivers therefore crossing the roads carefully is very important.

Keep money hidden away: The tourist must protect themselves by not flashing their money or gold in public. It is advised to keep their money hidden away in wallets and travel bags.

Keep cool: India is a hot country where temperatures can frequently rise up 40 degree Celsius. The tourist needs to keep hydrated by plenty of drinking bottled water. Tap water may not be safe hence bottled water is the best option that can be bought at every street corner.

Keep away from the crowd: This may not seem obvious but there are chances that one can get scammed or perhaps cheated at overcrowded places. At crowded places there is a remote possibility of being pick-pocketed and followed by large number of beggars. Best option is to avoid large crowds.

Learn to use the Indian toilets: The Indian toilets are different to westerns ones. To use Indian toilets one needs to familiarise themselves where they need to sit in squat position. This may be difficult for those who have not used Indian toilets before. In addition, the tourist must remember that toilet papers are not used in public toilets so they must carry their own.

Always bargain: Once can always bargain prices for everything in India. So remember when buying something make sure that prices can be brought down to at least 25% of the quoted price.

Learn the local language: India has more than 100 languages of which 22 are officially recognised. Hindi is the most widely spoken hence it is worth learning a few words in Hindi. However it must be noted that English is also widely spoken by large section of the Indian population.

Be alert on trains: Many crimes are carried out on the trains hence tourists and residents need to take particular attention on trains.

Fake notes: It must be noted that there are large number of fake notes in India. The best thing is to avoid 1000 Rupee notes.

Don’t eat too much: If one is not comfortable with spicy foods then one must avoid them. Spices in India are more powerful than elsewhere around the world.

India is a safe country in general but there are some things one needs to take care off then travelling in India. The golden rule in India is to keep hydrated and be safe.