Safety Tips for Budget Travelers in Foreign Countries

There are many things to keep in mind when traveling, whether you are a budget traveler or not. You obviously want to keep what money you have for your trip rather than lose it or have it stolen. You also want to keep yourself and traveling companions safe from harm. Here are some tips to follow to ensure your trip is safe and enjoyable in a foreign country.

1. Have a valid passport and all visas required for your trip. Make two copies of your passport. Keep one in a separate part of your travel luggage and the other leave with someone at home.

2. Be aware of any travel warnings for the country you are visiting. Find out about security and safety conditions in your destination.

3. Secure travel insurance!

4. Ensure you have been vaccinated against any infectious diseases prominent in the area you will be traveling to.

5. To make sure you can be contacted in case of an emergency, make a copy of your itinerary and leave it with someone at home.

6. Travel light and don’t pack valuables that you wouldn’t want to lose. Leave your jewelry at home but take an extra pair of glasses if you can’t live without them.

7. Remember you are a foreigner when you travel. You are a guest in their country and therefore should abide by their laws, and to a certain extent, their customs. For example, if you are a female traveling in an Islamic state, be considerate of your dress.

8. Try not to bring too much attention to yourself when traveling. Don’t go out looking like a tourist with a flashy camera and expensive clothes. Try to blend into the scenery.

9. Travel in a group where possible and in well known areas. There will be times you want to get off the tourist track, so make sure you always have a traveling companion with you.

10. Only carry small amounts of cash on you. Your credit card and travelers checks will pay for most things.

11. Watch out for pickpockets! Wear a money belt and keep your purse/wallet in the front of your body. Report any loss or theft immediately to the local authorities.

12. Don’t leave your luggage unattended. Apart from having it stolen or items from it taken, you could also become an unsuspecting drug courier.

13. If traveling with a partner, pack half your clothes in their luggage and vice versa. This way if one of you loses your luggage, you will still have some clothes.

14. Lock your luggage and label everything.

15. Lock your hotel room. Keep money and valuables with you, not left unattended in your room.

16. When using public transport be aware of possible theft. If you are traveling overnight, secure your luggage and sleep on top of it if possible. It is not uncommon for tourists to be drugged while on trains and buses so don’t accept gifts of food or drink from strangers on public transport.

If at any time you feel unsafe, whether it is on the streets or in your accommodation, get out. Follow your instincts. Stay safe when you travel by being aware of the dangers and obeying the laws of the country you are visiting.

What is a Realistic Budget for Traveling?

One you can afford – seriously.

Look at how much you earn. What can you put aside for a trip? What are you prepared to sacrifice to make your trip a reality? Maybe you’ve been saving for a while and have a few thousand dollars in the bank. You do? Great. Well that’s your realistic budget. If you want to fly to Europe tomorrow and you only have ten dollars in the bank then you are not being realistic. But it might be enough to get you in to the local museum for a few hours escape.

When you are setting your budget, be practical. Everyone has different needs for their travel experience and if your travel plans include overseas flights, you will need to budget accordingly. Sure you can find great deals and get there cheaper than you might have expected, but make sure you have enough money in your budget to not only get you there but to travel around, find a place to sleep, oh and have enough money to be able to eat!

So how do you go about setting a budget? Following these steps might help:

1. Draw up a table with two columns.

2. Column A is for Expense Items. Column B is for Approximate Costs.

3. In column A write down all the things you can think of that will cost you money while traveling. These might include: air flights, car hire/fuel allowance, travel passes, sight-seeing tours, accommodation, food, insurance, immunizations, and souvenirs.

4. In column B write an estimate of how much you think these things will cost while on your trip. You can research your travel costs quite easily on the Internet. Food allowance might be a bit more difficult. If you are traveling alone, as a couple or in a family you will need to budget food costs accordingly.

5. Now add up the costs. This will give you an estimate of how much your trip will cost. Can you afford it? Yes – then this is a realistic budget for you. If not, then you may have to rethink your destination and the type of travel experience you want.

Remember that this table will only be an estimate of your travel costs. You must also budget for incidentals and prepare yourself for things to not go to plan. For example, have you got enough money in your budget to buy new clothes if your luggage goes missing? A realistic travel budget will have extra built in to it to cover emergencies. Setting yourself a budget of about sixty-five dollars a day, if traveling alone, is a reasonable amount. If you are traveling as a family or in a group, this number will be vastly different.

Also consider if you will be traveling and working. If this is the case, then you may not need as much to start with, just enough money to get you to your destination and a place to live while you look for work. (And enough money to buy you food until you begin earning a wage.)

Start making your travel plans with your budget in mind. Don’t exceed your budget, always keep a little in reserve so you can buy that fantastic Italian leather handbag or go jet-skiing in Hawaii if the desire takes you

Where to Travel With Kids on a Budget

Of course you can travel just about anywhere with your kids on a budget. Like any travel experience on a budget you need to research and plan well to make the most of your travel dollar. Many places, however, are family or kid friendly and will throw in added extras for the children. So whether you intend traveling at home or abroad, look for places that will cater to your family’s needs.

RV trips are a great way to travel on a budget. In fact, traveling with a car is almost essential for families. It is usually cheaper than buying rail passes or catching taxis everywhere. But more importantly, it gives you that ‘door to door’ freedom that is necessary when traveling with kids.

If you are traveling overseas, have you considered staying in a hostel with your family? This is a much cheaper option than staying in hotels and many hostels are family friendly and have no age limit (except in Bavaria where you can’t be older than twenty six). You can request a room with enough bunk beds to accommodate your family and you can cook your meals in the communal kitchen. Huge savings to be made!

In the USA there are many places to travel with your family on a budget. Consider these options:

1. Camping. The cheapest option around for any travel adventure. Many campsites have activities for kids and if you don’t like the idea of staying in a tent, many places have cabins to rent that are still cheaper than a hotel room. Camping gets you up close and personal with nature and gets the kids outside and running around.

2. What about spending some time at a Working Farm or Dude Ranch? Look around for reasonably priced holidays at these destinations and you will find plenty of activities and atmosphere for kids and adults alike.

3. Head to Disneyland in off peak season for big savings.

4. The same can be said for traveling to Hawaii. Check the packages available in low season and see how affordable it is.

5. You’ll also find some excellent deals in traveling to Mexico. Go for all-inclusive resorts, especially in the low season.

What about if you want to travel overseas? Where are some good places to take the kids on a budget?

* Although Australia is a long way away and can be a bit pricey to get there, it is a very child-friendly place with lots of cost saving adventures to be had for the kids. Australian off peak is different from North America so do some research.

* Europe can be done on a budget with kids. Pick your destinations with the kids in mind. Get them involved in your itinerary. Stay in hostels and travel by car. You’ll be amazed at how much you save and how much you see.

* Some island resorts are very child friendly. In Fiji there are resorts where children under twelve stay and eat for free. Do your research!

* How about a family cruise? Cruises are great because they are all-inclusive, cater for families and you get to explore lots of places. There are some good family package deals to be found with most cruise companies.

So get planning and get packed. Plan your family vacation and check out the deals available. Going off peak is the best way to save money. If you are going to take the kids out of school buy them a journal so they can record their experiences. It’s amazing how much they’ll learn by traveling with their family.

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Great Guides to Help You Plan Your Travel Budget

There are literally hundreds of guides on budget travel to be found on the Internet and in bookstores. Some are useful, some are not. It really depends on what you want and where you are going. Many web sites offer email subscriptions and regular updates on where the best deals are. So how do you decide which ones are the most useful? A lot of the sites are confusing, so how do you find the ones that are going to give you the information you need?

Online bookstores have sections on travel guides. Try Amazon or specialty travel book stores like the Globe Corner Bookstores. They have an amazing array of guide books for the traveler on a budget. The most important thing to keep in mind about published guidebooks is that once the information is printed, it is probably out of date. Although most of them are updated annually, you cannot take what is written as set in stone. Internet guides are preferable in this area because their information is updated sometimes on a daily basis so all the deals on offer are available when you see them.

The best guides seem to be the ones that give you specific information on either your choice of destination or the type of holiday you will be taking (family vacation, backpacking, students, seniors, etc). There are the well known guide books/web sites like The Lonely Planet that will give you information on just about every destination you can think of. Or you can contact the embassy of the place you want to visit or go to the library to find out more about your choice of destination. Most web sites will also have links to travel deals that are from the site sponsors. Some of the deals look great but research them. Compare to other sites to get the best deal for you.

Some guides worth having a look at for the budget traveler are:

* ‘The World’s Cheapest Destinations’ by Tim Leffel

* ‘Europe on $70 a Day’ by Arthur Frommer

* Any guidebook from the Lonely Planet ‘Shoestring’ series

* Any guidebook from the ‘Cheap Eats and Sleeps’ series

If you are backpacking, getting a guide on hostels in the area you are traveling to is a good idea. There are many sites dedicated to finding hostels. You will be able to get prices and make bookings in advance.

Once you know where you are traveling you’ll be able to find a guide on just about anything. How to get there, where to sleep, where to eat, what to visit and how to travel around are all going to be available in a travel guide. And once you get to your destination go to the local tourist information stand and look at what other helpful guides are available.

This article is brought to you by: Stuart S. Travel – Your Online Travel Guru

Easy Travel to Adventurous Places

Do you love to take risks? There are lots of people who are quite adventurous and they love to visit places where they can perform some great adventure. Planning a trip at regular intervals is very much necessary these days. The work pressure creates lots of stress among people these days.

If you do not take regular intervals then you might not be able to cope up with the pressure. Different people have different choices regarding the choice of places. Some love to spend a leisurely holiday while others love to take up lots of adventure during a holiday.

If you want to choose an adventure travel destination then you should follow some simple tips. If you choose an adventure destination then you can enjoy the risk as well as the beauty of nature together. Adventure travel has become quite popular these days.

These kinds of travel are usually taken up by young people. In this kind of tourism the travelers usually engage in nature interaction, physical activity as well as cultural exchange. Internet can be one of the best sources which can help you decide about the places.

Other than deciding the place you also need to find out the various activities which can be taken up. Some of the popular activities are biking, rafting, hiking, mountaineering, climbing, bungee jumping and zip lining and many more.

If you have never done all these before then you might have a little problem in the beginning but once you start enjoying then you will surely love it. But when you plan your adventure travel destination you should consider certain things. The first thing that you need to plan is the budget.

In case of the adventure travel destination you might have to spend a little more money because you might take up different kinds of activities. You must consider the amount of money that you will be able to spend for your adventure holiday.

Do not try to plan something which might exceed your budget. You might fall into trouble later on. This is the reason why proper planning is very much necessary. You can either plan the trip on your own or you can even choose to go with the travel agents.

It is always better to go for the packaged tours because it might help you get some discounts. The other benefit of choosing a travel agent is that you need not worry about anything. You just need to enjoy your trip.

Other than your travel and accommodation they will also arrange for the popular activities for you to enjoy. Tickets and reservations are very important. Internet can be of great help to perform these tasks. While going for an adventure tour it is always better to go for the travel health insurance.

The adventurous activities might sometimes be dangerous and you might hurt yourself during this. Therefore it is always better to consider a good health insurance. Camping can also be fun as well as adventurous for you and your family.

7 Ways To Be An Effective Adventure Traveller

There’s nothing quite like finding yourself in strange and unusual parts of the world where you haven’t a clue what the people around you are saying. Most people would call that adventure travel. If that sounds like you, then here’s a list of ‘tools’ you might find handy for any future journeys:

1. Learn a bit of the local lingo: No need to learn the whole language in one go. But if you can pick up the basics it makes the adventure a bit more fun. Plus you’re exercising your brain, and you’ll make the locals smile as you answer in their language.

2. Visit places unseen in the guide book: A lot of it will be mapped, written about, sign-posted and commented on anyway. But there’s always those places no guidebook gets to. You might want to check them out sometime; go catch a bus to wherever it’s going at the time and get off the beaten track now and then.

3. Keep attuned to what’s going on around you: Not only does this give you an ear to the ground on local events, festivities and once-off happenings that could end up being amazing experiences, but it also keeps you alert and ready for action, just in case. Who knows what’s around the corner.

4. Keep a list of travel destinations: An effective adventure traveller has goals and a destination firmly in mind. Throw a little flexibility into that mix too. For example, by talking with other travellers you can find out when festivities are happening in nearby countries or locations.

5. Carry the appropriate gear for your situation: No point carrying snow gear if you’re headed for tropical climates. (Unless you’re in transit on your way snowboarding!) Travelling light forces you into thinking – how much gear do you really need anyway?

6. Make the most of opportunities that arise: Opportunities to meet and talk with interesting people always pop up – often you discover this fact right when they’re departing to another country. It’s too late by then of course. Initiating conversations wisely and considerately should be in every adventure traveller’s bag.

7. Enjoy your experience as it unfolds: Give people your full attention when they’re talking to you. Soak in the moments, document your journey with photographs and video, and leave things better than you found them before (whenever possible!)

Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg to becoming an effective adventurer. There’s many more tools for your adventure bag that you’ll discover on your way as you cross continents and explore unknown lands. Make the most of each one of those adventures!

Great Travel Tips

Great Travel Tips

Wish a travel and make it happen. Traveling is fun and expensive. Follow these tips and you will make your trip remain in memory forever. Just make a wish and plan your dreams. Dream about a place, dream about amazing places, beautiful places and follow the following tips; you will be amazed to see your wishes come true. Have a nice trip.

1. Safety and Security

Use your business address (or business card) in your luggage tags to avoid revealing your home address and phone number.
Tape a card with your name and address inside every piece of luggage in case the bag is lost and the outside tags get lost.
Make two photocopies of every important document you’ll be carrying — tickets, driver’s license, proof of auto insurance, passport, vaccination certificates, and so on. Carry one copy with you (not with the originals) and give one copy to a friend at home. These copies may be lifesavers if you lose the originals.
Carry a list of toll-free phone numbers for all of your credit and bank cards in case you have to cancel them (if they’re lost or stolen) or if you need to find an ATM to use them at.
Remove old airline destination tags; they’re the main reason bags get lost.
As soon as you get to your hotel room, look for a map of fire escape routes. Be sure to check that the routes are marked correctly and are accessible.
During hot weather, never leave an animal or a child in a parked car — even with the windows open.
If you can find someone to reliably pick up your mail and newspapers while you are traveling, there is less chance that strangers will know no one is home. Another option is to have delivery temporarily stopped; the Post Office can hold mail, and the price of undelivered newspapers is often credited toward future deliveries.
When driving in unfamiliar locales, always park in well-lighted areas.
Never open your hotel door to a stranger without first calling the front desk to see if hotel management has sent someone to your room.

2. Planning and Preparation

If you are combining business and leisure travel, take a diary to keep careful records of all business expenses for tax purposes. You may also want to take an envelope to hold all receipts.
Consider trip insurance to protect against losses if you must cancel your trip for any reason.
Write down confirmation numbers whenever you make reservations. If one isn’t offered, ask.
Leave a detailed itinerary of your trip with someone at home in case you need to be contacted.
Pack a duffel or ultra light knapsack inside your check-in bag. You may need the extra space later to carry home gifts and souvenirs.
Use accessories such as scarves and belts to enhance the limited number of outfits you pack.
Check the weather forecast for your destination before you leave to ensure that you are packing appropriate clothes. Also, don’t forget that nearby mountain areas may be much cooler than the valley where your hotel is.
When making reservations, always ask, “Is this the lowest price you have?” You’ll be surprised how often you may qualify for a discount.
You may have a better chance of getting a seat on a sold-out flight if you call just after midnight when many “reservation holds” expire. The same holds true for train travel.
No matter how short your trip, pack enough socks and underwear for at least four days.
Tape a contents list for each suitcase inside the lid. This saves pawing through every bag when you’re looking for those argyle golf socks, and makes it easier to repack for your trip home.
Hope to return “someday” to that ultra-popular hotel? Make a reservation for next year at checkout. You may be able to get a special price. (Just be sure to ask about the amount of cancellation notice required.)
Call or visit the Web site of the convention and visitors bureau in your destination city three months in advance and inquire about discount coupons and special attractions packages.
Plan well in advance if you want to bring your pet on vacation. Inquire about pet rules and regulations for every form of lodging and transportation you plan to use. You should also bring proof of vaccinations.
Pare your packing list by creating mix-and-match outfits using one or two colors.
If anyone in your party will be using a wheelchair, let the reservations agent know when you are booking travel.
Find space for a folding travel umbrella.

3. Making Travel More Pleasant

Making Travel More Pleasant
If there is any way to manage it, bring your own pillows.
Always have a travel alarm as a backup for the wake-up call service.
Premeasured packets of laundry detergent (available at camping supply stores) make it convenient to wash T-shirts and underwear in a hotel sink.
Don’t focus solely on getting to your destination. Be willing to investigate intriguing possibilities that arise en route.
Attach bright tape to your bags so they’re easy to spot when grouped with strangers’ bags.
When you arrive at your hotel, unpack immediately. Hang wrinkled items in a steamy bath to freshen. (Always pack several plastic hangers for contingencies like this.)
Carry a couple of energy bars to snack on during layovers or long drives.
Pack a nightlight or leave the hotel bathroom light on. This will avoid bumped shins if you need to get up in the middle of the night.
To minimize ear-popping discomfort on plane trips, chew gum during descents. If you have a young child who experiences severe ear pain, ask your pediatrician about a decongestant. Feeding a baby, by breast or bottle, can help reduce their ear pain.
Carry a few spring-type clothespins to secure bulky shower curtains or to pin together drapes that don’t close completely.
Never go anywhere without a small notebook and a pencil. You never know when you’ll want or need to write something done — directions, a phone number, a special store you want to return to.

4. Auto Travel Tips

Have your car thoroughly checked and serviced before leaving on a long car trip. If you are will be driving in an area with few service centers, inquire ahead about the locations of service facilities along the route. This is especially important if you are driving a rental vehicle.
Use a highlighter to mark your route on a map. Circle interchanges where you’ll be changing roads or directions.
For long driving trips, call state transportation agencies along your route and request information about highway construction. Plan for detours or delays.
Allow for rest stops on long drives. Plan on at least a 10-minute break every two hours. You’ll drive safer and arrive much more refreshed.
Remember, when driving a rental car, that you must carry your proof of auto insurance.

5. Traveling with Kids

Designate a large, soft bag as the toy tote. Fill it with simple games, toys, puzzles, books, and similar items.
Take along a cleanup kit that includes plastic trash bags, paper towels, and a travel pack of disposable wet wipes.
Take along easy-to-eat snack foods such as cereal, fruit slices, and juice boxes.
If you are traveling by air with a child under age 2, take a child restraint seat. Board early, giving yourself time to get situated.
When taking long car trips with young children, go to bed early the night before and start out long before dawn. This pretty much ensures that the kids will sleep through a major portion of the day’s drive.
To keep bickering between siblings to a minimum, give the children three strikes at the outset of the trip. If any child bickers with another, all of the children are penalized a strike. When you arrive at your destination, if the children have not used all three strikes, they are allowed to do something special.
For trips where you’ll stay at the same hotel or resort for multiple days, choose one with separate educational and recreational programs for children as well as child-sitting services.
Pack children’s shoes inside adult shoes to save space.

6. Foreign Travel

On trips out of the country, keep medicines in their original, labeled containers and bring a copy of your prescriptions and the generic names for the drugs. If any of your medicines contains a narcotic, get a letter from your doctor indicating your need to take the drug.

If you are taking your passport, carry an extra photo in case your passport is stolen; already having the phone will make replacement easier.

If you will be driving, ask your insurer about a special proof of insurance card to take along.

All said, make your trip a nice trip. If you are not traveling soon, dream about places, amazing places and make your wish travel come true. Wish a travel today and you will be amazed to see your wish come true one day. To watch high definition videos about amazing cities around the world, making a wish to travel, learning ideas and tips and making your wish a travel;

Important travel tips

Do not wear slippers on the plane.

A first advice to you is not to wear slippers on the plane because wearing slippers not only loses aestheticism but not protect your feet from injury by sharp or hot objects as well, especially in cases of emergency when traveling.

Gently shake the body to relieve hangover symptoms.

If you’re feeling nausea when flying, try to shake your body slightly. It sounds as “a little crazy” but your movements will resist aircraft impact and make you significantly relieve this discomfort.

Reserve a seat in airport lounge

If you fly with long distance, please reserve a seat in airport lounge. You will have to pay a fee before, but in return you can enjoy freely drinks, foods and reading books in a quiet atmosphere. When leaving the lounge, you should bring a few large bottles of water to start your journey.

Do not exchange money in the hotel

Visitors should go to the shops around to get best exchange rates. It is highly recommended that visitors should use a credit card or debit card that is free of charge for overseas purchases.

Bring a purse and a pouch wearing in hip

The hip pouch will help you keep the money and the necessary papers safely and conveniently. What about the purse? If someone invites you for a dish, you will be able to use purse to pay because when meeting new acquaintances, it seems to be slightly impolite to pay for some beers by money from the hip pocket.

Bring an anorak.

This clothes can be regarded as the uniform of mischievous teenagers, but it also is a great costume for travelers. Just hooding over the head, visitors can avoid the noise and light when you want to sleep on the plane, in the airport chairs or on the bus, as well as help you keep warm on the plane.

Curl clothes when packages

When rolled up clothes, you can save time and bring more clothes.

Buy a noise-canceling headphone

To enjoy a perfect long trip, you should buy a noise-canceling headphone. Although it is slightly more expensive but it is worthwhile for your investment as it will help you avoid the voice of children crying, snoring and talking.

Travel alone

It looks like that it would be difficult to travel alone, but this will give you opportunity to discover yourself. You can make new friend, learn a new language and get interesting experiences when traveling alone.

When getting communication problems, you should use body language

When having problems with the language, instead of trying to express in your own language, you should use body language. It is the international language and the most effective way to communicate and do not forget a smile.

Finally, find more amazing destinations for your next memorable trips.

Bacall Associates – Simple Tips for Making Travel more Affordable

This way, they could relax and enjoy the wonders of traveling. They also want to keep precious memories of their travel so that they’ll have something to treasure forever. Each of us may have different reasons to travel but some of us, especially in Western countries, don’t have time to travel and get away from their busy worlds.

Some companies understand this need of every individual, that’s why they’re giving their employees free trips to help them rest for a while to help them work more efficiently once they return. However, not all companies are like this because they want their employees to work more for them but pay them less. That aside, Bacall Associates guarantee that traveling can be really inexpensive, and fun and rejuvenating at the same time.

Do you love to travel so much but you don’t have enough time and money to do it? Worry no more because Bacall Associates will share some money-saving tips that can help you travel to the place you want. You can trust the organization’s judgment because it is a renowned boutique PR, marketing and sales support agency that specializes in travel at the top end of the market. After reading this article, you will never excuse yourself from traveling anymore.

Stay in youth hostels

If you’re a young traveler, it’s often a good idea to stay in youth hostels to save money. Don’t let yourself drown into the wrong ideas or myths about youth hostels because this kind of place allow young souls to see the world without spending too much money since they’re inexpensive to stay in. You’ll also get a chance to meet new people who are doing the same as you. But since you’re staying in a youth hostel, you should practice extra caution because of safety reasons.

Book in advance

If you can handle your trip well in advance, then it’s a good thing because this will give you the best pricing especially if you’re going to travel during holidays. Bacall Associates always recommends booking in advance to make sure that you can get the best discounts where you can save up to 80%.

Get a frequent flyer card

You can score a free ticket or two with this specific card and you can also save on airfare, depending on how often you travel. It will be better if you’re going to do your own research on each frequent flyer clubs available to you. Some clubs are focused on the average family while others are aimed towards business people. Before choosing the best club for you, make sure that you did a thorough research and considered every important detail.

You can also hang out in airport lounges that are exclusively made for airline cardmembers. You can relax in this kind of place and break loose from the hectic airport. However, this often requires a yearly fee, so it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the money or not.

Acquire a work related travel

It is sometimes difficult to have a time off if you want to travel, but if you tell your boss that your travel is work related, then there’s a chance that you can get a time off. If you’re a teacher, you can report back to your boss on what you have learned during your travel, just make sure that you always seek educational opportunities in your trip.

The guidelines discussed above are some of the most basic methods that you can use to travel more and experience the world. Bacall Associates hopes that you will have more exciting adventures in the future.

Experiencing sparkling views at the night

Hoi An lantern festival

When traveling Hoi An, it will be regrettable if travel lovers miss lantern festival there. This festival is held on the full moon day of every month, therefore, in those days, Hoi An ancient town is decorated splendidly with plenty of colourful lanterns. If visitors do not travel on the time of Hoi An lantern festival held, they still have a chance to admire the dreamlike light of lanterns, and flower lanterns drifting downstream.

The most attractive point of Hoi An is its magical space and the shimmer when the night falls. Besides, visitors have an opportunity to enjoy Hoi An specialties as cao lau, Quang noodles, Hoi An vermicelli, ect.

2. Exploring Saigon night at the “roof”

The ideal places like Rooftop should not be missed by visitors who want to find sightseeings with romantic atmosphere and watch colourful shimmering skyscrapers at Saigon night without disturbing their privacy. Drinks in the places possessing such splendid views are not cheap but it is worth to try once in lifetime because of what visitors get back.

3. Strolling in the first international stage “Avenue of lights” of Viet Nam

This unique recreational tourism project is underway in Da Nang and all young people are looking forward to walking there.

4. Admiring the “heaven of lights” in suburban area of Da Lat

One of the greatest things in Da Lat visitors should experience is riding by a motorbike to the suburban area of Da Lat and you will have opportunity to admire a sparkling “sea of light”. These dreamlike lights are stemmed from light cage houses in the flower gardens. These lights are lit by farmers to warm for their flowers and inadvertently it turns the area into a paradise filling with shimmering lights, making the scene become more romantic ever. The best positions that visitors can admire the stunning panoramic scenes are Trai Mat, Thai Phien flower village, Hung Vuong street- position liking between 723 provincial road Da Lat to Nha Trang and Dat Lat to Phan Rang.

5. Going to Thailand and participating in Loy Krathong sky lantern festival

Loy Krathong sky lantern festival is one of the most beautiful, colourful and oldest festival of Thailand with the glowing sky lit with thousands of sky lanterns. It is often took place on December of Thailand lunar calendar. Many visitors book airline tickets to Bangkok and then take a bus to Chiang Mai to admire the unique fantastic scenery.

In addition, visitors can get more interesting experiences for their trips through wonderful destinations such as Sapa, Halong Bay, Phu Quoc island.